Shocktech hookup series autococker

Published: 07.02.2018

I'd be curious to see if it has a shocktech roller sear in it and what the gun internals are. The magic is all in the knob.

Apr 09, 2012 · SOLD Up for sale is my Shocktech Hookup Series Autococker. It does have some scratches, pitting/flaking on pneumatics and needs timing. http://i197.

Make sure this will fit your Marker before purchasing. Body is in beautiful shape as shown. Fits all pre-2k Autocockers. Open Community Forums Paintball News!

This heavy return is by design. The stock hammer and velocity adjuster for the Autococker have taken Nelson-style springs for years now, so there is really no reason to change this. In this respect, the SFL is very successful. Perfect if you want to increase the speed of your Autococker.

Shocktech Hookup Autococker project

In he opened his third store and a 4th and the field Badlandz in The overall feel is typical Bad Boyz Toyz. Danny Love has always timed Bad Boyz Toyz Autocockers with very little gap to minimize the chance of short-stroking and shorten the pull, but this goes even a bit further due to these new constraints. By BBT announced its termination of its last autococker lines, including the SFL derivatives to focus on the newer guns. It's definitely a shocktech trigger in the frame as well.

The result, when properly set-up as is the case with this paintgun , is a perfectly slack free trigger pull.

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