Does jyp allow dating

Published: 08.02.2018

Theme designed by Audentio Design. Common practice among entertainment companies is to first make back the investment they put into debuting the idol.

Aug 01, 2009 · Dating In Entertainment Companies what companies allow dating? don't allow and I think I remember reading somewhere that JYP allows dating as .

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As far as I know. To them they are basically products who have to please them. Then again on SH, why would he even say he tried to introduce her to those guys if the dating ban was real. Maybe this would encourage more songs to be written by the artistes themselves! Originally, the dating ban was 5 years but no one followed it.

And what kind of scandal would be worse than prostituting your own wards?

JYP gives 'no no' on dating to GOT7 and TWICE. Of course they should be careful as rookies. Tags A Look at Myself GOT7 Jackson Nayeon TWICE.

Then when they get caught, all hell breaks loose. The first is for the not quite commitable insane fan who will make the company lose money.

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