Dating franciscan apple dishes

Published: 18.02.2017

It is not embossed but has a smooth finish. Franciscan's Madeira earthenware no to be confused with the glassware of the same name has a dark brown background with a complex pattern of green and tannish flowers.

If you are searching for Vintage Apple Dishes made in Info on Franciscan Apple Ware by This should help anyone in dating your Franciscan Apple Ware made.

We don't know very much about this pattern. You need to have cookies enabled to sign in. The Company continued to produce ware already in production, however discontinued all art ware lines. Transition "TV Screen" Logo - used during the merger of GladdingMcBean and Interpace. The pattern was produced from to This was Franciscan's original Fresh Fruit Pattern from

Vintage Franciscan Apple Ware Tea Cups and Saucers.

Lee Bennett became vice president of the newly formed research and development division at the Glendale plant carrying out the company policy of product diversification to maintain its trade position. The design is that of a blooming grass. Franciscan Apple Milk Juice Pitcher 's Franciscan Apple Pattern.

Rosette by Franciscan was another hand-painted, embossed design. The background is cream with a thick black embossed border and platinum trim. The acquisition was approved by the US antitrust authorities.

Franciscan Starburst Unboxing

Heritage Franciscan's Heritage has a whilte background with spray of two-tone green flowers in the center. Autumn came out in Black "Franciscan Arch" mark. The Wedgwood Group produced this pattern from

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      Franciscan produced Monaco from to

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      Coronado White Matte Franciscan Potteries made the Coronado pattern in several colors and finishes.

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