Harry and ginny dating after the war fanfiction

Published: 21.01.2018

Ginny is certain Harry fancies her. Submit a new link. This story is one view of what happened.

FanFiction | unleash Home Community Books Harry Potter After The War stories. After The War stories. Follow. Harry and Ginny and their life after the war.

However, she still harboured feelings for Harry and was displeased to hear that he had asked Cho Chang to the ball. She became more visibly upset, and again, her brothers put it down to other causes — she sat next to Colin in Charms , and that she was worried that Ron might be expelled if he got in trouble.

He stopped short and smiled when he saw Ron kissing Hermione next to the stairway to the girls' dorm. Harry's arrival caused quite a stir, and many Witches and Wizards just stopped what they were doing to stare at him, while others also applauded and cheered as he and the others were quickly cleared and walked to the lifts.

Harry Potter After the War episode 1

Forum General Anime Books Cartoons Comics Games Misc Movies Plays TV. This is a DH AU telling the story of a brave and crafty underage witch and the tasks she must carry out to help her family, friends, and the man she loves. She later assisted in the recovery of the wounded outside the castle. At least until he's properly broken in, anyway.

During the match, McLaggen took one of the Beater's bats and pelted a bludger directly at Harry. Potter and I get back, we'll continue with that, working together to discuss the cases I'm currently assigned to handle.

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