Hong jong hyun yura really dating

Published: 29.01.2018

Show some minimal interest in each other at least. Lately she went to Noraebang with Staffs members of the brand MLB that she endorse! You will not see her exposing where she hangs out, who she hangs out with,when,how,what about her family and friends.

I think I saw an article somewhere that mentioned Hong Jong Hyun still keep contact with Yura. even though he's really by her dating news in.

Like, that's not cute at all. Hong Jong-hyun born February 2, is a South Korean actor and model. Ah, I really love this couple. Actress Yoo In Na crying at IU's concert has become a hot topic. Just simply we all are human being who had felt for love at least once in our life time and can feel other person love. Because of Eunji in Reply, her group got more recognized and they're one of the trending girl group now.

Miss the Jiazy moments lol.

Why does the PD always talk for him. I swear he's a robot, or some extraterrestrial. People forget that group members are in fact just coworkers. Star News in Korean. News1 Korea in Korean. Efegeghef January 12, at 5:

Showbiz Korea _ ACTOR Hong Jong-hyun(홍종현) _ Interview _ Part 2

You currently have javascript disabled. The cycle of any popular couple on this show: Hol January 12, at Hong jong hyun have just met ah young for less than 6 months, how can they be so close and intimate with each other for that short amount of time. Rowling wanted Hermione and Harry to be together?

    1. Richard_Harrison - 31.01.2018 in 13:05

      I felt so bad for Yura that I wanted to hug her and I would've felt the same way if Yura was being cold like that to Hong Jong Hyun too. Hong Jong Hyun Needs to understand that the "cold guy" image isn't always the best thing, I think he's trying hard not to lose the "mysterious appeal" but it just makes him seem like he has the appeal of a cardboard cut out.

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