Manifest and latent functions of dating

Published: 17.02.2017

Manifest and latent functions are social scientific concepts first clarified for sociology by Robert K. For a brief illustration of this general proposition, see Robert K. Kingsley Davis, "A conceptual analysis of stratification," American Sociological Review , , 7,

Start studying Chapter 8: choosing others (dating and mate selection). Manifest dating functions. Latent dating examples.

One has only to return to the previously quoted excerpt from Thomas and Znaniecki in their classical work of some thirty years ago, to recognize the correctness of Shils' remark:. A major disadvantage of classified ads is that. But there still remains the large task of ferreting out the specific uses to which this distinction can be put, and it is to this large task that we devote the remaining pages of this chapter.

The new conceptual scheme entirely altered the range and types of data gathered in the ensuing research.

The manifest and latent functions of dating remain constant over time even though people mature and change. Interaction Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Manifest dysfunctions are anticipated disruptions of social life. The distinction takes on greater importance in his later writings, becoming a major element in his Social Causation , Boston: Merton, Social Theory and Social Structure.

Functions of School Socialization, Cultural Innovation, Integration & Latent Functions

A latent function of a behavior is not explicitly stated, recognized, or intended by the people involved. As has been implied in earlier sections, the distinction between manifest and latent functions was devised to preclude the inadvertent confusion, often found in the sociological literature, between conscious motivations for social behavior and its objective consequences.

Manifest and latent functions are social scientific concepts first clarified for sociology by Robert K. The distinction between manifest and latent functions serves further to direct the attention of the sociologist to precisely those realms of behavior, attitude and belief where he can most fruitfully apply his special skills. Manifest functions are conscious, deliberate and beneficial, the latent ones the unconscious, unintended and beneficial, and dysfunctions are unconscious, unintended and harmful.

He will ask whether a propaganda campaign has indeed gained its objective of increasing "willingness to fight" or "willingness to buy war bonds," or "tolerance toward other ethnic groups.

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      Since the occasion for making the distinction arises with great frequency, and since the purpose of a conceptual scheme is to direct observations toward salient elements of a situation and to prevent the inadvertent oversight of these elements, it would seem justifiable to designate this distinction by an appropriate set of terms. Davis, "Bureaucratic patterns in Navy officer corps," Social Forces , 27,

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      Sociology History Outline Portal Theory Positivism Antipositivism Postpositivism Functionalism Conflict theories Social constructionism Structuralism Interactionism Critical theory Structure and agency Actor—network theory Methods Quantitative Qualitative Historical Comparative Mathematical Computational Ethnography Ethnomethodology Network analysis Subfields Conflict Criminology Culture Development Deviance Demography Education Economic Environmental Family Gender Health Industrial Inequality Knowledge Law Literature Medical Military Organizational Political Race and ethnicity Religion Rural Science Social change Social movements Social psychology Stratification STS Technology Urban Browse Bibliography By country Index Journals Organizations People Timeline v t e. As will be noted later in this chapter, the insights and conceptual distinctions contained in this one passage, and there are many others like it in point of richness of content, were forgotten or never noticed by those industrial sociologists who recently came to develop the notion of ''informal organization" in industry.

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      No longer were the investigators interested in testing for the effects of single variables. For these are frequent, if not inevitable, outcomes of applying the concept of latent function or its equivalent.

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      The time-worn procedure in such instances has been for diverse, particularly lay, observers to refer to these practices as "superstitions," "irrationalities," "mere inertia of tradition," etc.

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      In recent years, for example, the distinction between manifest and latent functions has been utilized in analyses of racial intermarriage, 70 social stratification, 71 affective frustration, 72 Veblen's sociological theories, 73 prevailing American orientations toward Russia, 74 propaganda as a means of social control, 75 Malinowski's anthropological theory, 76 Navajo witchcraft, 77 problems in the sociology of knowledge, 78 fashion, 79 the dynamics of personality, 80 national security measures, 81 the internal social dynamics of bureaucracy, 82 and a great variety of other sociological problems.

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