Dating a raver girl

Published: 20.02.2017

He might know some cool tricks too poi, gloving, orbits etc which are pretty sweet to watch and play with. Fenrisulven 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM.

Dating a rave girl is not easy. We’re free spirited, energetic, and have a zest for life that few others can keep up with or even begin to understand.

Maybe then people will FINALLY get it through their heads. Do you know how much cardio you get in at a three day festival? Do you like fun?

The grouping of disgusting girls who are impulsive in their behavior frequent these festivals in search for happiness they can not find anywhere else. Dating a rave girl is not easy. If by family you mean all of your PLUR friends that hook you up with meth molly then yeah youre a great support system to feed your drug addiction. Bitches be culturally insensitive af. You get nothing done except getting on guestlists because you act like a skank in order to do so.

GIRLS ON MOLLY ☮ The Ultimate Compilation!!!

He or she is fucking respectful. RaverRafting is powered by Outerloop Management. So stop calling these stupid ass festivals raves! This pretty much goes back to 7 9. Although Rave music is not for everyone, these parties are still loved by many and the girls frequently dress in skimpy outfits to dance the night away.

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      Do you want to find a kindred spirit to connect with.

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